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vintage strawberriesI really wanted to keep going until real hunger set in and my tongue turned pink but alas, it was not to be. Persistent nausea hounded me day and night threatening to bring up whatever emptiness was lurking in my stomach. Maybe the lining, who knows but the taste in my mouth was awful.

The nausea and foul taste also keep me from getting my solid six hours of sleep and keeping my head propped up on a couple of pillows didn’t do much for my neck either.

So, this evening I started off by drinking diluted orange juice because it’s supposed to be the best for easing back into solid food but still it seems too acidic, even worse that the lemon water I’ve been drinking. What do experts know anyway?

I switched to tomato juice also diluted with water and it tastes really good! So good that I have to pace myself or I’d be slamming it down like Tequila shots. I’m not doing my own juicing so that leaves me with Bolthouse but that’s OK. I once owned a couple of juicers and it took about 5 minutes to juice the fruit or veggies and about 20 minutes to clean the thing. Maybe this isn’t the case with a vita-mix or one of those expensive models that cost a couple of grand but there is only so much room on the kitchen counter.

Tomorrow I’ll make some broth from potatoes, cabbage, celery, carrots and beets. I’m actually considering making cole slaw because cabbage is supposed to be really healthy. Yeah, I’ll muck it up with some mucus inducing sour cream but the good outweighs the bad, right? The only beets I’ve ever had were from a can so long ago that I don’t remember what they taste like so cooking them fresh should be interesting.

I’m not done with fasting since I’ve only lost 26 pounds and I still have arthritis to get rid of so I’ll take a break for a couple of weeks, drinking lots of juice, eating very light meals and then try another fast for five to seven days. After going forty days drinking water and/or lemonade a week without solid food should be a walk in the park.


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corset with rosesWell here we are at Day 25 of the really boring water fast. What’s for lunch? Water. What’s for dinner? Water. I’m not really hungry but I do think about what I’m going to have after the fast breaks and I get past the transition period of juice and fruit. Cheeseburger and fries which is something that I don’t normally eat. Or maybe I’ll reward myself with a perfectly steamed artichoke with melted butter. Yum.

I’ve lost 20 pounds which mostly shows in my face that has lost it’s puffiness exposing my high cheekbones.That in itself is encouraging and inspires me to press on. Not that I need it. I’m all in and will see it through to the end whenever that is. What if it’s 60 days? Oh the boredom! That’s really the worst part is the limited diet of water and the horrid taste in the mouth.

See you next week when I’ll have crossed the 30 day mark and much to the surprise of my family I’ll still be kicking not having starved to death. Well meaning relatives are the enemy of the long fast!