menu graphicI like food. It’s a sensual pleasure but over the years I’ve developed an attitude towards it that I can take it or leave it. Right now I’m leaving it which is turning into a crashing bore. I have the luxury of being able to stay home and lay in bed while by body puts itself through the paces of detoxing the various organs. Can I have my mouth back, please? Oh, the taste! Awful!

Half the time if I get up too fast I’m dizzy and have to take a moment before I can proceed but it’s short walk to the kitchen to get my bottle of filtered water. Do I notice the organic eggs on the shelf below? Of course not! Do they remind me of the already cooked bacon strips in the freezer? Impossible! Why are starchy potatoes taunting me?

I should probably spend more time on the patio getting some fresh air and sunshine if I can get my nose of the books. I’m reading the Poldark saga by Winston Graham. There are twelve of them and I’m midway through The Four Swans which is number six. Demelza, you ignorant slut! I can understand how a man might lust after a married woman but to act upon it shows a clear lack of self control. Mind you I am not easily forgiving Ross for his transgression.

So, the menu for today is the same as it has been for the past 32 days. Lay in bed and read some, sip water and work on the continuing romance of Brian and Julie who are both novelists. They write a little too but spend more time in bed than I do actively between the sheets. Dear Brian has been awakened by the sex fairy after a long sleep with an unresponsive wife and now makes up for lost time. Are there really mature men with such libidos operating without little blue pills? Let’s hope there is a legion of hot blooded lusty Celts that know how to please a woman. Go big or go home.

In a week it will be forty days and nights of just water. I won’t be ending the fast until my body tells me to by exhibiting extreme hunger and a pink tongue. It’s doubtful that a week will make the difference because I’m a long way from being emaciated and well, I’m in it for the long haul regardless of well meaning relatives who think I’m crazy and who don’t understand the difference between fasting and starving.

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corset with rosesWell here we are at Day 25 of the really boring water fast. What’s for lunch? Water. What’s for dinner? Water. I’m not really hungry but I do think about what I’m going to have after the fast breaks and I get past the transition period of juice and fruit. Cheeseburger and fries which is something that I don’t normally eat. Or maybe I’ll reward myself with a perfectly steamed artichoke with melted butter. Yum.

I’ve lost 20 pounds which mostly shows in my face that has lost it’s puffiness exposing my high cheekbones.That in itself is encouraging and inspires me to press on. Not that I need it. I’m all in and will see it through to the end whenever that is. What if it’s 60 days? Oh the boredom! That’s really the worst part is the limited diet of water and the horrid taste in the mouth.

See you next week when I’ll have crossed the 30 day mark and much to the surprise of my family I’ll still be kicking not having starved to death. Well meaning relatives are the enemy of the long fast!